This is Democracy!

If it's really hot, and the sun is out, and it's noon, what do you NOT want? You Don't want unnecessary delays.

Yet today, I had to endure one. After finishing a meeting, me and a friend were walking back to the Bus Stand. There were Police Personnel lining the road and traffic was frozen on all sides.

Do keep in mind, this was during the final phases of the morning rush hour, and there was a mountain of traffic  piled up in all directions. For a moment, I was glad I did not take my bike. Yet, I had thought too soon.

We were walking along the side of the road, when this cop asks us to stop and wait. I ask "Why?" And he shouted back: "Just wait." Gee, you're asking me to wait in the glaring sun in the middle of nowhere at noon on a shit all hot day, the least you could do is extend some fucking courtesy.
Anyhow, we wait. Then we figured out what was happening. The Chief Minister was passing by. His motorcade rolls by eventually, and then everybody is allowed to unfreeze again. After HALF AN HOUR!

Precious time has been lost, pandemonium breaks out, bottles of water are sweated out by us poor souls who are out in the sun, and not in the AC comfort of a luxury car.

This is democracy! We elect these people, and yet we suffer endlessly because of them. I've seen this in many places, and I still don't get it. Politicians are the representatives of the people, they are supposed to serve the people. Having said all that, how come rush hour and traffic are not applicable to them?

My friend told me that there was nothing than anybody could do. "These people are too powerful. The cops HAVE to do what they say. So can't blame them either."

Yeah. I'm one among those who are part of the world's largest democracy. And look what I get for it.

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B. said...

I guess the word is 'privilege'. Can't blame the system for it. An elected personality is far more important than you or me. He represents a huge mass of us.

Of course we can blog our outcries. Hey it's a free country. :)

vEnKy said...

This is really insane they do it all the time.

Jr. said...

But the fallacy of democracy is that not ALL of us vote for him right? So why do all of us suffer then??

I know. Everywhere I go, it's the same deal!

Rashi said...

Those stupid people can afford choppers. Why can't they use those? Why do they have to clog up our roads?

What makes that elected person more important than you or me? I agree they need ZZ security but can't they travel in the middle of the night? And sometimes, in Mumbai, with the traffic, not getting that one turn or U-turn means stuck in traffic for like 2-3 hrs.

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