The Case of the Empty Metro Stations #justsaying

What do you do when you see something that you have an opinion on, and then you realize that your opinion doesn't count for shit, and that nobody is going to pay attention to it? You tag it with #justsaying. (Sorry, Twitter Hang-over :|) To get to it:

Metro rail travel might not be that popular in Chennai, but as I've been finding out over the last week or so, it is the most economical, fast and least hazardous mode of travel. One drawback: it only  traverses two routes. I hear seven routes will be up by the end of 2014.

Anyhow, to get to the point. Every time I walk into a metro station to catch a train, one thought is predominant in my mind: What a colossal waste of space!

Every station is a monstrosity. And since the rail is elevated, there are three floors to the construction. Two are empty. One has the rail line itself (and a couple of bathrooms, though, most people prefer the ground floor walls for relieving themselves. :|) 

I keep wondering why the city does not actually lend out space here and accomplish:
1. Revenue Boost.
2. Use of empty space in prime locations (in most cases).
3. And maybe even a bit of good exposure for the project of itself. 

Station in need of some human occupation the most? Chepauk. It's scary to walk through the station in broad daylight. Reminds one of the set of a cheap B Grade Hollywood horror flick. I was half expecting a vampire to jump on me. (Not one of the gay ones from Twilight. More along the hard-core Dracula cadre lines.)

Anyhow, Just Saying.