Things You Learn When You Go Pondy Again..

My second Pondy visit was better than the first one (company being a major deciding factor, no prima-donas around as compared to last time). But, as life goes, there were lessons to be learnt. Such as:

1. NEVER ever think you can just catch a bus on Friday evening. You'll have to kill, murder and obiliterate to get into one. 
2. If you do decide to risk all and just get on a jam-packed bus, make sure that you get on one that is tall enough to accommodate you
3. If your prime intention is NOT drinking, Auroville is THE place. 
4. If Auroville is where you end up, you HAVE to check em 'cottages' out!
5. If you're in Auroville on a Full Moon night, and you don't go to the beach, you're what paleontologists term as a 'douche-bag-ophus Rex'
6. One thing you've to have if you're eating from any restaurant at Auroville: Patience, loads of it.
7. (sigh) (Just like last time:) Get Job, Buy your own camera and then take with you to Pondy
8. Take friends along who let you borrow their camera in case you could not execute Lesson no:7
9. No matter what anybody says, do NOT buy cookies from Daily Bread for jobless women such as ThingMaBlob and NewsRoom Person!
10. Upload pics on blog as soon as you get a chance!



M said...

1, 6, 7 - absofuckinglutely...! Especially 1. If you have time to kill you could try the slightly more expensive a/c state transport buses. Though it's all the same on a Friday evening, as you said.
6 applies to the whole of Pondy; being brown doesn't help matters much!
Going alone is actually the best option, as I discovered, as long as you can get your hands on a camera. Hope you have an even better trip the next time.

Jr. said...

You went alone huh? Dunno if I could pull THAT off! :)

M said...

Trust me, not that hard! Of course I have conveniently skipped the detail that I stayed with relatives. :P But really, travelling and generally roaming around is much more fun alone, or with people you like.

SMRITI said...

LOSER!!! :P Who goes to Pondy and doesn't drink? Bah! Too much I say. Newsroom Person not amused!

ThingamaBLOB said...

Jr: May you always, ALWAYS get into buses without enough headspace for you. Or, you move to some fancy south-east asian place.:p

Trinaa said...

#6 is SO true! Ohh and since I'm not jobless (:P) please get me some choco buns next time you go to Pondy.. :D

Kartikeya Ramanathan said...

Love the picture of the moon

Jr. said...

Oye Newsroom Chokri, :P I'm not on a full on drunk like my roomie, ok?

Why o why, would you say something so mean?

Choco-buns, check! :P Keep your fingers crossed and pray that I go again soon.. :)

@ Keya,
Thanks :)

umbrella said...

U r absolutely right! company is the major deciding factor..they can make or break our fun! I dont kno abt Pondy buses..But's kinda stifling. Too much of a straight lace! Pondy beaches r heavenly! my my...early morning walks on these beaches..they r the best. howcome u forgot the city planning? All streets are straight and square. Well-planned streets and beaches are cleaaaaan..For us chennaites, pondy is the best weekend get away! ..Photos r cool. keep it up

Jr. said...

Ah well, I'm not a Chennaite, maybe that's why they dint strike me so hard.

But Auroville is quieter than Pondy. I like it better hence. And the beach there is also just as good!

And thanks. :)

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