13 Things You Might Learn on a Pondy Trip

1. Always travel in small groups.
2. In case you didn't, don't travel with prima donnas.
3. Especially prima donnas who'll lecture you on random bull shit if you feign the faintest bit of interest out of politeness.
4. Never go places without a camera.
5. Get job so that you can buy camera.
6. Roomies or not-roomies, some people just desert you, just like that!
7. Hot Breads make kick ass butter buns.
8. Refrigerating a soft drink costs you an extra buck in Pondy.
9. Pondy traffic cops look like they're serious people trying to dress funny.
10. Never go to Auroville without a means of transport to get around.
11. If you've bought fish fry, beware of dogs while sitting on the beach
12. Don't sleep while sitting on the foot-board of a bus.
13. After getting job, buy car as well, so that you can come back anytime you want.
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psychedchick said...

Refrigeration costs you extra everywhere...

Never go to Auroville without a means of transport or Rashi :)

soin said...

never come without buying the holy water..and never go chunnambar without a girl..

Jr said...

Ah both of you are so full of wisdom! :P

And, PS: refrigeration is not extra in a lot of places. Actually, Pondy was the first place I saw it.

And, Rashi, you can't even make it to Chennai! Pondy is further south :P

Soin, Holy water: Check! Got it :D

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