Obituary from ACJ: The Death of Hype

(Thanks to Borti for a discussion that prompted this post)

She was young when she died. Though she will live on in memories. Not ours. But those who aspire to be where we are now. And those who'll get here, and watch her die all over again. 

The ACJ hype. I've known her for some time now. I heard of her one year before I set foot in Chennai.. Everybody was awed by her. They used to whisper when her name was taken. 

We were whispering amongst ourselves during the first week. She was very much alive, even then. 7 days. 14 days. And then nobody  heard of her again. There was no more whispering. Only open rebuke. 

They killed her. They killed her with boring modules, lack of logic, 85% attendance, law assignments and pointless assignments. 

In her stead stands Hope. Our angel. With promises of a fast approaching May. And of a pleasant summer this time around in Chennai.

If you read this, and if you still believe in Santa Claus and ACJ Hype, my advice is, don't. You'll end up having a disappointing Christmas and a disappointing year. 


Vizag Junkie said...

Ha ha! Thoroughly enjoyed myself!Speaking of disappointing christmases, heh! this time around we'll be running around doing a slum report.
Though don't let the V.Geetha get the wind of this post, ACJ personified as Her will probably buy you a one way ticket to mandatory community service by dint of attending lectures on feminism.:p

Jr said...

Eh? Where did that come from? Somebody's been attending too many Gender classes it would seem :P

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