Why I Hate Diwali

I once used to love Diwali a lot. I used to go out with my friends and dare take care of the biggest crackers around. No, wait, I din't like it all that much. It used to be a test of manhood when you were a kid. If you didn't do what everybody did, you were the freak.

We used to make fun of the obese kid who was so afraid that he used to take a full scale sheet of paper, roll it up and then use it to light the cracker.

We didn't let it show that we were as scared as everybody else. Anybody who has 'grown up' now and still says they were so brave and were so completely non-plussed by the idea of lighting one of those big ones and then throwing them over the edge of a terrace, well, apparently they haven't grown up enough yet.

Though looking back on it, Diwali meant painful headaches and boring relatives (the two might've been related). The food was small consolation, but consolation nonetheless.

Religion is so confusing. Half the people who are celebrating don't even know what they're celebrating. Can't blame them though. Religion's stupid folk stories are hardly worth a dime. They might all be as well celebrating the fact that it is a holiday.

Let me be honest. I don't hate Diwali because of it's ties with religion or it's awesomely bad folk lore background.

I hate it because I love peace and quiet. I hate it because I don't want to run the risk of being burned alive just so that some kid can have his thrills. I hate it coz I don't want to wake up in the middle of the night thinking I've time traveled the Vietnam Era. I don't know if they still employ child labourers at Sivakasi, but if they do, you should all be ashamed of yourselves.

Every year, there's a lot of talk about "Safe Diwalis" and "Quiet Diwalis" But some of us just can't resist can we?
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Raghul Sudheesh said...

Cent percent true !!! I agree with what you said, i dont celebrate diwali. For me its just burning money and nothing else !!!

Anonymous said...

hey whoever you are reading your blog is kinda comforting as it's 2 in the morning and some fuckwit is bursting bombs two blocks away. it's as though he waited until everyone was well into their sleeptime before starting....and it's times like these when i wonder if i'm the only one who wants to light a rocket up the guy's balls...so again thanks for your post.

Jr said...

Ha ha, whoever you are (disappointed you dint leave your name), you reflected my precise sentiments.. And you're more than welcome.. :)

@ Raghul, I did an article on Diwali and money for reporting class. Post coming soon ;)

SoNaM said...

nice one.i agree with u ..!!
very clear transformation from ur childhood love for it. n now ur chnge in love to peace !!

Jr said...

Ah well, lot has to do with the M.A.D effect. :)

Anonymous said...

i am sick of diwali too for the very same reSons. even grown ass men and women burst ceackers. it makes me sad.

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