Change What?

A majority of us have this very sad habit of falling into line with whatever the popular trend is. I used to be like that. When somebody used to say Climate Change I used to think, "Oh, that means Global Warming and Ice Melting."

Questioning things is something that we still haven't learned. Thank you religion. 

Fiction reader as I was, and Chricton fan as I definitely was, I happened to read a book called State of Fear. It ended up changing my perceptions. I was a skeptic when it came to climate change now. 

Years have passed by now. And I've moved on. I've realized that polarization never leads you to truth. Detachment gives you a start. 

Climate change has always been an issue that has had agendas and master plans behind it. It has political and economical connotations. 

The problem is that we can NEVER ever address climate change while we're still a few hundred countries with different agendas and different goals. Maybe it'll take the next World War to unite us. But I hope it does someday. Then maybe changes may happen. 

But then again, this is just one very small voice in the blogosphere talking to no one in particular. :)

Today is Blog Action Day that addresses Climate Change. I might not know the stats, but I think the climate keeps changing because we're unable to change ourselves. We're unable to let go of our agendas and motives. We're unable to look at it as a human problem. 

Want change? Try changing attitudes!

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Adi said...

Try changing our approach to climate change as well, because climate change is primarily caused by the cattle instead of car emissions and etc...

Jr said...

Yeah, I've heard of that. Cattle is responsible for two third or something of the total of harmful gases produced right?

Won't hear as much furore about that as we heard for the banning of CFC, which starved half the third world.

Agendas. :)

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