Things I Learned in the Past 2 Weeks

1. I like Cough Syrup
2. Medical shops in Chennai are more recharge shops than medical shops
3. Some Chennaites are outright rude to you if you don't speak Tamil
4. I still can't speak Tamil
5. Saying "Anna, whaat anna?"  gives you a reduction of at least 10 rupees from Auto-wallahs in Chennai.
6. Chennai is so big, that even auto-wallahs get lost
7. I can get lost in Chennai even with a map, an address, a train ticket and a kind auto-wallah
8. Buses in Tamil Nadu are taller than buses in Kerala ( I don't hit my head anymore)
9. Trains are the same size everywhere (my legs still dangled outside the berth)
10. Always book your own train tickets
11. People who tell you they are whizzes at booking train tickets might be lying at times
12. Such people can also screw up your ticket real bad (No pointing fingers, but I'll link to this persons FB page)
13. AC buses don't make for comfortable travel when you've fever.
14. Dan Brown's new book is heavy
15. Chennai seems hotter if you spend a couple of days in Cochin.
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rose said...

-i get lost even with a even with a guide with me
-u never ever ask others to do ur travel arrangements...coz nobody can do it as perfectly as you
-i wonder how much hotter chennai would feel if comin frm b'lore
-short is good
- i like cough syrup too..they make me sleep

jay tripathi said...

No pointing fingers, but I'll link to this persons FB page... hahahahaha!!!! brilliant!!!!

Jr. said...

@ Rosey,
Yes Ma'am, point taken :P

@ Jay,
That guy from FB is out to kill me now.. (sigh) Apparently VKR asked him if he was the one who had booked the ticket :D (Not kidding)

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