Why V-Day Might Possibly Suck..

Yes, it's no secret that V-Day can be very irritating and might get on your nerves. Cracked.com's detailed survey and resultant graph are proof of this..

V-Day could also suck because:
1. You might forget.
2. You might not like getting messages all day.
3. You might not be a 'lovey-dovey' person.
4. You might not have a girlfriend/boyfriend.
5. You might have a girlfriend/boyfriend who expects you to send flowers on V-day.
6. You might get married to your sister/brother if you live in religion infested areas.
7. You might not have a credit card.
8. You might have friends who have girlfriends and credit cards.
9. You might get mail forwards that make you wish the internet was never invented.
And of course, my personal favourite:
10. You might live in Chennai and it might not be a cloudy day..

(Image Courtesy: www.nolimits2life.com)


Mural! said...

Haha liked the last one....!

Jr. said...

He he.. It's a true story. It's just too damn impossible to go out in the middle of the day. And it is supposedly about to get worse. (sigh)

Adi said...

11. The Ram Sena might just get you married when your with your girl/boy!

Jr. said...

Ah well, that ain't THAT bad is it? :P

samuraisuraj said...

My thought goes more like..'Why can't we have a day to hate everyone?'..Is it not unfair that only Love gets to have a day for itself?

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