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I realized suddenly that I hadn't blogged in some time. Then I told myself, that's probably due to the fact that you've been travelling a lot. 

Traveled how much? I figured I should find the distance between places and then collate them all together. I was pretty sure I would find some tool to do that online. 

And here are the search results. Turns out, all of them turned out to be utterly useless. 


1. Google Maps only give you straight line distances, and it's too much of a hassle to actually sit and trace the outline of highways. (Yes, I'm not THAT jobless!)

2. The 'I-make-your-job-easy' place to place distance calculators were good, but for the fact that they did not have two cities I traveled to listed. Mananthavady in Wyanad and Gokharna in Karnataka (towns, cities, what's the difference anyhow?!) But they did have distances for journeys like Cochin - Chennai, Chennai - Bangalore etc. 

In the end, desperate and as jobless as I was, I decided to resort to the one thing that has got me past countless Math exams (barely).


So, (drumroll), the final answer would seem to be that I have traveled 3438 Kilometers in the last month. It might not seem much, but it's a first for me anyhow.

To put some perspective on that distance, supposing I was a bird, and at Kanyakumari, if I had flown North, I'd have gone past Kashmir if I had traveled the same distance. (Yeah I know, birds fly South this time of the year, but hey, what kinda bird writes blog posts anyhow!)

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