LOL's and ROFL's Should be Banned!

They said that with the advent of internet communications, human emotions might get lost. The cues that you might've picked up from a smile (or a fake smile at that) or a smirk would now be completely lost during e-chat they said.

They were wrong. I still managed to pick up on those cues. Until these idiots came out with their ROFLs, ROFLMAOs and their LOLs. They shouldn't be used and should be banned because:

1. Confuses people who don't know what they stand for. Most people are afraid of asking coz a large number of net idiots seem to know what they stand for. You don't want to stand out now do you?
2. Sounds ugly. Imagine somebody saying ROFLMAO. I mean, seriously!
3. You can never have quite a grip on how the person has reacted to whatever you've said. A simple, 'Ha ha, that was funny.' is way way, way better than LOL ain't it?
4. These acronyms indicate laziness to type out something more substantial. I once told somebody that I had a bad fever, and he reacted by saying LOL. Sonnova.. !

Twitter is perhaps the exception, you can occassionally use a LOL here and there to save on space and stay within 140. But otherwise, unacceptable! Call it Netiquette!

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Adi said...

Ha. I hate it when people type LOL. Makes me go bonkers!

Anonymous said...

Haha... I know.. I like hehe and haha... :) Is that ok?

Jr. said...

Ah I love you folks.. So hard to come by two sentences on the net with no instances of the afore mentioned taboo words! :P

@ Rashi, yeah, they're perfectly fine. :D

Elma Bartholomew said...

worst ive come across so far:
IMNSHO-in my nt so humble opinion!!(beat dat!!)
my friend's guesses for d followin dat she shouted out in class:
MON(mornin or nyt)..she goes..Monks or Nuns!!
KOTC(kiss on the cheek)..she yells..Kick on the crotch!
IMHO(in my humble opinion)..she screams I might hate orgasms..
she is nt banned from guessin in her life evr again!!!! :D

Andrine Mendez said...

Happened to me ! i am still not sure of what they means ? just associate it with sm guess work...

samuraisuraj said...

Quite true..Sometimes it's not quite so funny to be the one guy standing aside wondering what on Earth is being said around

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