Super-Cool Shit They Should Have Invented: Part 1

I'm no scientist.. Yes, there was a time when I thought I was that smart. But my maths teacher and those repeated exams laid that theory to rest.. 

But sometimes I wish I was smart.. Coz these dumasses that parade around as smart don't invent cool shit anymore.. I mean, OK, Ipod is great. Move on! Don't come out with ten versions of it!

(Sigh) All the things cool people like you and I could've invented if we were smart.. (Yes, my reader, you're cool because you're reading this now, and you're definitely not smart since, well, you're reading this)

There is one thing I'd desperately like to invent: 

Eye camera 

I'm sure there is a conspiracy behind this one. Them photographers will be out of a job if this technology was ever invented. 

I mean, how many times did you see that sunset while on the road, or a bird's silhouette against the evening sky and wish you could have captured that forever? And them photographers are never around when you need them either. They're busy shooting cars from different angles. Yeah, we've seen them a thousand times buddy! Get a life!

Anyhow, getting to the point. What if you could actually convert your eyesight into an image file and remember it forever? That would be one awesome kick-ass invention. I can also think of several ways how it can be misused, but hey, we're human beings, that's how we roll. 

But hey, for every time I stood somewhere, saw something great, took a deep breath, and wished I had a camera, or that I could remember it exactly the way it was forever, or show it to someone else, I'm willing to take that risk..

So smart people. Where you at?

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