If Rupee can, Why not Sarcasm?

I was reading an interesting article the other day, about how the two slashes (//) (as in http://www.iamdumb.com)  in web addresses was a mistake and how actually there should have been only one.

Now, imagine how many keystrokes would have been saved if it hadn't been for that one error. It's weird.

Yesterday, I had that same feeling once again. I was tweeting, and I shared a link, and added a sarcastic comment to it: It went something like:

Now, you read it as sarcastic coz I already told you it was going to be sarcastic. But, I kinda figured some people hadn't got that message when the link was retweeted five minutes later:

The dude who wrote this though, later clarified that he had meant it in a sarcastic manner too. What confusion.    
Anyhow, point is, it got me thinking. Since sarcasm is such a widely and popularly used literary tool, why relegate it to ambiguity?

Hence, I thought that we should have a universal symbol for sarcasm. I mean why not? Rupee has it. And I'm kinda sure that more people use sarcasm than they do rupee. 

We could just plonk one of these down at the end of a sentence to imply to our readers that we didn't ACTUALLY think that the pink dress was nice, or that Iraq is having a ball of a time, or that Ricky Martin is gay. Oh wait, no, strike that last one. You get my point. 

And like a responsible citizen, I've even managed to come up with a unique design. Lo and behold! The Sarm Symbol!
Any suggestions to improve, campaign for and get this done are always welcome!


Anonymous said...

Sarcasm requires wit, not symbols.

edoy said...

What you need is lessons in punctuation.

Jr. said...

Duly noted. Do let me know when you can spare some time to educate me. :)

Elma Bartholomew said...

you wud've made tht sound betr wid d symbol at d end :)

Jr. said...

Wha?? *feigns surprise* :P

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