Things You Should Never Take For Granted: Part 1

One month into my ACJ Education, I realized there are some things that you can never take for granted. Why? Mostly coz they make life easier, and life can suck at times without them. Here's part 1. 3 things you should ALWAYS be appreciative of:

1. Spectacles:

Why? Well, I broke mine and I realized that being a myopic man is more painful than being a blind one. The blind man is used to seeing things by feeling and hearing. The myopic man, meanwhile, sees everything clearly until the fateful day that his spectacles desert him. The pain of looking at everything blurred and trying to remember what they looked like during days of clarity can be hard. Take my word for it.

And of course, don't forget, if you break your spectacles, your optician is sure to remind you of their value when he dishes out the bill. (gulp)

2. Tomato Sauce:

Why? One week into my college life, I gave up on the canteen food. Destruction of hope can be very painful. My college canteen cooks have the rare ability of taking normal food and making it taste more bland than they already are.

The remedy? Tomato Sauce. And lots of it, at that. Goes with everything, and makes life a lot easier if you're not used to living in an army boot camp. I even tried it with curd rice one day. Not as bad as I expected it to be. (sigh) Good times.

3. Shopkeepers who go to bed late at night:

Why? Well, in Chennai, most shopkeepers go to bed at 10. Meaning, they close their shops at 9:30, and on Sundays they don't get up at all, and hence shops remain closed. So what will you do if you need some 'fresh air', or detergent powder, or some coffee at that? Nothing! You just drudge around cursing the city and remembering the shopkeepers from home sweet home who apparently thought taking care of YOU was more important than sleeping or attending to their private lives.

OK. That's for the first list. Did I miss anything? :D


Anonymous said...

I used to think specs are important - but thats before I found my mutent powers.

rose said... sure more is comin up on the list?

or should i contribute ?

jinxable said...

@ Binny,

Ha! Dude, one thing though, what was your power before the 'healing' took place?

Rosey, feel free to pitch in. I derive inspiration from you after all :D :P

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